Anonymous said: "did josh and debby split up?"

i think so :c

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yes i know there are already a million projects out there like this, but i think this one would really mean something.

what is the goner project?

after fake you out/ summertime sadness is the encore. now ive seen a project like for coconut sharks and other stuff but i think this one would mean a lot to tyler and josh.

why would we ever want to do this?

i feel like goner is one of the most incredible songs of our generation and that it is super important to many people. i just feel like it would be really powerful

how do we do it?

after josh and tyler go off stage, just wait for someone to start singing the beginning of goner or start singing it yourself!!!!! theres really no way to go wrong.
so if you would spread this message and try to do this at your show that would be incredible!!!! (and dont forget to bring your thank you signs!!)
stay street and stay alive l-/
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⊬ Quiet is violent // world tour ⊬
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Josh Dun | Twenty One Pilots
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twenty one pilotstrip for concerts_spring2014The Fillmore | Charlotte, NC6 April 2014
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by Jean Alisson (me)
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"Whether it’s the weather or the letters by my bed sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head"

Twenty One Pilots (Migraine)

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I’m working on something to send to Tyler and Josh, it’s gonna take a while but here’s the first part of it.
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